A birth story sure to mesmerise

I have found the most empowering thing to be in my pregnant and birth journey is educated. I simply wasn’t willing to put all of my trust in one single person to make all the decisions for me and my child. My OBGYN, as wonderful as he has been found it difficult to accept some of my decisions. When I said no to vaccinating myself against the flu while I was pregnant I know he cussed me internally. But seriously, “Why would I?” I asked him, there is limited research on the possible side effects this might have to my unborn baby. He knew better than to argue with me.

In this incredible journey I have gained strength from the stories of other women. Countless times I wondered, could I really give birth without any assistance, was I strong enough, capable enough, willing enough? I still don’t know the answer to this as I approach my due date. If it turns out I can’t in the end, I’m OK with this, I’m certainly not going to feel like any less of a hero regardless of my birth outcome because well, I’ve grown a human! What I know I’m not OK with is approaching my pregnancy and birth blindly trusting in others without the knowledge to make informed decisions, to be able to say no.

I’m not saying doctors are an evil force, out to hurt all of us and simply make a dollar. One of my very good friends is training to be an OBGYN, many times on the phone she has been close to tears, hurt that anyone would think she was out there not trying to do her very best by every mother and child.

What I want is to be able to trust that like my body knows how to breathe it knows how to give birth, and if it stumbles and falls off the track then, and only then, will I have my trusted and capable Obstetrician there to get me and my babe through it.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Birth Without Fear Blog for it’s many birth stories, pictures and videos that showed me, I was capable enough, strong enough and willing enough.

I would also love to share this incredible birth story, one of my favourites from the hundreds I poured over. Extraordinary Birth

Enjoy x

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